About Me

My name is Carola Mehltretter, I am 28 years old and I am from Germany. Growing up I moved around with my family and spent time in the Netherlands, the USA and my home country Germany. Through this I was exposed to many different Christian denominations early on in my life. Going to a church in a new place always felt like finding a home and a family far away from home. I believe that that is what we as Christians are to each other. And like any family we might not agree on everything which I think shouldn't keep us from supporting (and rooting for ;)) each other.

For the past four years I worked in social media marketing. I worked in advertisement agencies and created social media campaigns for international companies as well as working for a German singer called Samuel Harfst to manage his social media presence. 

It was always my goal to strengthen my skills in the social media world in order to eventually use them within a Christian context. Being able to implement this project is a dream I have had and worked towards for many years and I am so grateful you took the time to learn more about this!

If you are interested in my journey you can press the button below to follow me on YouTube and stay up to date on all of my experiences!